Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The House...

This was something that actually got erased in the "Ooops" by the Blogger software on my phone that I really did care about. It had to do with a little house that we checked out on the 4th. It was the most adorable house - from the outside. The MLS listing said that all the upgrades were done, it was ready to move in and it was reduced from $140k to $85k. It seemed too good to be true... And it was...

So, here is what was said in the deleted post.

Today, we looked at what could have been our next home. Our plan is to find an investor or investment company to purchase a home on a lease to own or just on a purchase to 'credit challenged' individuals type of basis. Ara's been looking hard at listings in the area and found this one that looked perfect.

It's a 3 bedroom, 1 bath right in downtown Monroe. It's about 2 1/2 miles from work and 3 blocks off the main drag. The exterior of the house looks amazing, although the addition on the back could have used the same siding to make it look nicer. The back yard was great and even had a little storage shed in it to keep all the 'outside' stuff outside. Overall, the outside of the place was great.

Once we got inside though, things started to look a bit different though. The living room was small, had really worn hardwood floors, and was dark. There was a gas powered fireplace, one of those mobile little ones, not a big one, that provided heat. No other heaters were to be found in there. I figured it was so they could take off the baseboard heaters and put a couch against that wall - and I was right. So, that was the first thing that would have to be fixed - in wall heaters.

We then continued into the baby "dining room" which would have been fine for 2 couples, but more than 5 people would have been a bit tight. We don't entertain much right now, so that's not a deal breaker, but the window, it was held in by 1/4" wood that was caulked to the window frame and the frame of the house. They didn't even get it sized right or finished right... Uh oh...

Onward to the first bedroom, it's a perfect office/craft space! Awesome! Little closet, tiny room, but very functional. It's right off the dining room, so one door hides it all. Love it!

Then we ventured to the kitchen, which was NOT updated. Sure, it had a new fridge, but other than that, old... The cabinets were 70's-80's at best but probably older. The pergo flooring was far from properly installed with plenty of dips and squishes. There was no pantry and to get to the bathroom, you had to walk right on through the kitchen. Not cool when the other bedrooms are upstairs. I can just see Evie taking a header off the stair case coming down to pee in the middle of the night.

The bathroom, however, was worth it. Soaker tub, new tile, vanity, etc... It was really great, but didn't fit the house at all. Sadly, it also wasn't my style of bath. I think Ara and I would both be happier with a stand up shower and a normal bathtub.

On to the upstairs and the bedrooms. Errr, bedroom? The first "bedroom" is off the top of the stair case and isn't even enclosed. This isn't a bedroom, it's a sitting room before you get into the master bedroom. Wait, is it still a master if there's no bath off it? Pause, at the top of the stairs there is a 8x8 room with a closet, even if it's not fully walled in. Walking through this "bedroom" you arrive in the luxurious master bedroom that is about the same size. There's a queen size bed in there now, and that's all that will fit. What a let down!

So, after completing our tour, we decided that it's just not at all what was represented in the MLS listing, nor is it even close to what we were looking for. The right place will be there though, and hopefully we can find a way to buy it when it is. Even if it means renting it for a few years while we save up enough money to make the deal happen.

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