Friday, August 21, 2015

Heart By Heart Comes To Lake Tye


There’s nothing I like more than a nice little concert, except maybe a free nice little concert. Tonight we were lucky enough to have the City of Monroe bring us Heart By Heart at Lake Tye. For those that aren’t aware of who they are, it’s a band made up of some of the original members of the band Heart and a few newbies that completely rock out to the classic rock band’s greatest songs.

You can check out a few of the performances on my YouTube channel, but needless to say, the show was stunning. I will also say that it was really cool to have been on the same stage as 2 members of the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Back in 2000, our old band, Opera Angelicus played this exact location during a multi-day Christian music festival. It was pretty cool to think that my drum kit was in the same place as Mike Derosier’s!

Again, there are a few songs on my YouTube channel if you want to check out some of the music from that night, and check out Heart By Heart online and mark the date if they ever make it to your neck of the woods. They really are amazing people that do a great job with the classics.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Disc Golfing With Friends


On a gorgeous Saturday night, we decided it was time to hit the links with some friends for a round of golf. Ok, well it wasn’t really a round of golf, and this place hasn’t been a links course in quite some time, but when you give a group of people some frisbees and some baskets to throw them at, craziness is sure to rear its head.


With about 4 people that had played in the group of 12 – and that’s counting the two kids that were playing along – it was a blast to watch. Some had decent form while others just threw it and hoped for the best. The great part was that Tall Firs Disc Golf Course in Monroe offered the perfect place to introduce everyone to this crazy sport.


The experienced players just had some fun and threw some crazy shots. The inexperienced ones found the beer at the pro shop to be a very delightful way to enjoy the course. Of course, by the second tee, the trees weren’t quite as funny as they were on the first.


It was a great time, even though we finished when it was dark. The kids had a great time and the adults, well, we became kids too, before the round ended. Throwing each other’s discs, sometimes at each other, and just plain old having a great time. It was everything that friends should do, and it was an absolutely great time.