Friday, February 3, 2012

My Baby, Or Babies...

I have 3 loves in my life right now, the first being our Creator, Savior and Guiding Light. The other two are my amazing wife and my baby daughter. They have gone through so much together in their first two years. I feel like I miss out on so much when I see something like this. 

Ara has been amazing, adjusting from having 2 jobs, 2 cars, 2 incomes and even something as simple as freedom. We don't appreciate that much until it's gone. To realize that you just can't hop in the car and leave when you want. To not be able to pop over to a friend's for lunch without packing up for a 4 day vacation. To give up something that you love, only to get something that you love even more - most of the time. She has just been the best Mom to my daughter and even though I thought I could never love her more than I did yesterday, she continues to amaze me and make me love her more every day.

As far as Evie goes, I can't believe how much she has changed in even the last two months. Seems like just yesterday she would fit in our laps, would struggle to get up off the floor and was just starting solid foods. Now she does Chinese food, Sushi, steak and even spicy things that make Daddy proud - scared sometimes, but proud none the less.

Today is a gorgeous day, and they are probably playing at the park. She loves the slides and the swings, and Mama loves the break from the indoors. I'll just keep considering myself lucky to have found a woman that takes such good care of my little girl and hope that I can keep taking that good of care of her as well.

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