Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Back To BloggerDroid

When I started My Life from My Phone, the official Blogger App hadn't hit the market yet, but Blogger Droid was there. I love the flexibility that the App gives over the stock App, and frankly after the delete of 2012, I'm just not trusting the official App any longer.

I guess this could start to look like a review for Blogger Droid if I start getting into the technical aspects of it, so maybe that's where I need to go with it.

Blogger Droid is available in a free, as supported version and a paid version from the Android Market. The interface is very straight forward. You simply provide your credentials to log in your Blogger account. Then you select the blog you would like to post to. It's super easy and super accurate.

The App makes it very easy to post images, video and links to your posts. A simple one-click upload process brings your blog live in seconds even over a slower 3G connection. I always recommend buying ad-free software when you have a chance, but the free version works well for the low budget bloggers as well.

So, starting today, I'll be pulling out the stops from Blogger Droid instead of the Google Blogger App.

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