Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Evie Faith...

She's perfect... I know every parent says that about their child, but very few actually can walk the walk. Evie is 2 and a half now. She talks, walks and has some serious attitude some days. Even with that being said, she is still perfect.

Her stubborn little streaks never get past the point of crippling. She puts herself in timeout when she needs it. She usually will do what we ask, even if we have to play the"don't do it game" a bit more often than we'd like. Some say this stuff is the sign of a two year old and they all do it. I think Evie is just more independent.

I was looking through a few videos yesterday and found the first one of little Evie on a swing. I looked at that and then thought back to the park on Saturday and just smiled.  Here was our little 5 pound preemie all grown up. It's fun to look back on her photos and videos and remember just how far she has come.

It'll be even more fun to see where she goes from here though...

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