Monday, April 14, 2014

Tiptoe Through The Tulips… Again…


After a day of dishes, lawn maintenance and playing in the yard with the bubble blower, it was time to escape before the weather changed again. With a late night causing a late wakeup, it was an easy choice to head up north to see the flowers again.


Although the weather was much nicer than last weekend, we still hoped it wouldn’t be terrible getting up there. After a quick drive up to Mount Vernon, we stopped for lunch at a local Thai restaurant. The wait was pretty severe, but we managed. Evie entertained herself with a few games on the Lumia 920 while we waited for lunch. After refilling on some phad thai, basil fried rice and some fried tofu, we headed back out into traffic.


We got stuck on side roads so we tried going around only to find more dead ends. It was just horrible getting out to Roozengaard. The image above shows how crazy the day was. People getting out to stretch, walk along their cars and even just pull over and walk to the fields. A 2 mile drive ended up taking almost 2 hours, but we eventually made it.


As we finally parked, we saw the entrance and made our way inside. Fortunately, the line to get it was quick and the crowds inside were pretty non-existent. There was a line that looked to be about 200 people long to get food or coffee, but the rest of the area wasn’t all that bad.


After being crammed in the car for 2 plus hours, Evie did pretty well posing in the flowers for us. She had fun, we had fun and it was all about the pretty colors.


Although I think Tulip Town is a much better setup for kids, with the added activities and things like face painting and their little food stand, the colors at Roozengaard were amazing. Here is a sample mini-gallery of what we saw.

After wandering the park and then the fields for a bit, we decided not to wait for sunset to snag some shots, but to head back and get through all that traffic one more time. We spent an hour plus on the road just getting back to Stanwood.


The stopped traffic gave us plenty of chances to enjoy the views of the road though. This was a great mountain shot as we headed back to town.


After a short trip back on Hwy 530 to Arlington, we stopped off at Nutty’s Junkyard Grill. This throwback style burger joint had some good burgers and really big onion rings. From there it was a quick jaunt down highway 9 before we turned and came home. It was a fun day, where even sitting in traffic didn’t dull the fun of tiptoeing through the tulips.

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