Monday, October 20, 2014

Our Last Visit To An Old Favorite Pumpkin Patch


One of our yearly traditions is to visit the Marysville Rotary Club’s Children’s Literacy pumpkin patch every year. It was where we purchased all the pumpkins for our wedding d├ęcor, where we took Evie since she was around and was just a fun place to go without having to spend a fortune for some fall fun. Unfortunately, when we arrived this weekend, we found out it might be our last time for this great place as the host facility, The Plant Farm, is closing.


The MRC does such an amazing job every year setting up the bouncy houses, hay rides, the little train, the petting zoo and even just having the best pumpkins placed out in the field. Then you add in the fact that they have a great little concessions area, amazingly low prices, some of the friendliest people around to help you and you can’t help but want to go. Of course, then the best part about everything, they donate the profits to help kids.


That’s right, this little gem of a place, where you ride the MRC train around the fields donates the cash they make to children’s literacy in the Arlington and Marysville area. Books, tutors and anything else that kids need to read are provided by this program and it is simply amazing that these folks keep it up year after year.


Evie has been coming here with us for 5 years now. In the 8+ years that the wifey and I have been together, I think we’ve missed it once, but I’m not sure on that one. We’ve taken friends’ children with us to The Plant Farm and even jammed a few friends in to the car to get them there as well. It’s the family tradition.


So, before all the little 2 for a $1 pumpkins are gone, and The Plant Farm is closed for good, take the family up I-5 to exit 206 and head west. Turn in and go past the crazy shopping area and visit the little pumpkin patch on the side of the freeway. Encourage them to find a new home and let them know what they do is amazing. It’s time for them to get a new home for next year and the best way to encourage that is to visit them right now.