Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Birthday Surprise

2015-07-03 13.54.26

I have to admit, when I put my mind to something, I kind of have to go all in with it. For Ara’s birthday this year, I decided to do just that… She didn’t have a gift list or a trip that she really wanted to make. It was just her usual birthday wish of seeing some fireworks. Normally that means a trip to Bellevue or maybe a weekend getaway to Port Angeles, but this year I decided to throw her a major curve ball.

2015-07-03 12.51.19

I started off the day with nothing special, in fact it was downright funny. No major road trips, fun activities or anything that would make her think we were on an adventure day. It was a nice and simple morning with a few trips around town and then we sunk off to the pet store to look at some fish options. Nothing weird or different. I then took her home so she could go get her nails done with a friend before we went out for the night.

2015-07-03 19.03.40

As she left the house, the plans unfolded as I unpacked the party from the garage (which Evie and I had hidden so well for 48 hours!) One by one the guests showed up as their nail appointment went longer and longer. It was about as perfect as the plan could have gone. After everyone arrived, Ara and Denera finally made it home to one of the biggest surprises that I have ever seen her experience.

It felt great to give someone something that was so special. It was her friends and those she loved gathered in one place, at one time, to celebrate her. I know it surprised the heck out of her, but now, how can I top this next year? I think I’m in trouble now…