Thursday, February 9, 2012

Goals... And Winning...

I love to win. It's true, ask anyone that knows me. Sometimes I'm competitive to a fault. From who's got the cheapest cellphone bill to who can take in the most groceries, I'm a bit of a winning addict.

My diet efforts are no different either. I'm using a great app on my phone called MyFitnessPal and doing very well at tracking incoming and outgoing calories. It's been telling me I'm a bit light on the incoming, but seriously... 10 pounds a week is something I'm happy with.

The funny part about my competitive edge, I even pulled a trick from Ara's book tonight in boxing 1/2 my dinner BEFORE dinner... Nice huh?

Yeah, the diet is going well. You can track along with my drop over in the widget on the right there. It's part of that MtFitnessPal app and website. Great stuff!

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