Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Solavei: My New Cellular Provider

Almost anyone that reads my blog knows that I sell cellphones... I sell prepaid, postpaid, contract, non-contract, pretty much everything. I personally have cut almost $100 off my bill over the last 3 years. Since getting married, We've cut over $150 off our monthly cellular bill, and feel like we have better coverage than we did back then. Solavei is only making this a better deal for me, and it can for you too.

Solavei starts with great cell coverage, and a $49 a month cell bill. If that was the only part of the deal that would be awesome, but there's more to it than that. Not only do you get $49 coverage, but there's no contracts, commitments or long term deals to worry about. For example, you can purchase the new Nexus 4 phone from Google for $299, then activate it on Solavei and spend under $1500 for 24 months of cellular coverage. All the time being free to leave, upgrade devices, virtually do anything you want to. The same plan on Sprint with that "discounted" $200 phone would be $2838.76 before taxes, which will add another 15% to your monthly cost.

Solavei offers a cheaper alternative to post paid cellular, without compromising the service. Believe me, I'm not going to settle for less on my coverage, and I've tried just about every network in our area. My Solavei data speeds, even using an unlocked AT&T phone, are around 6.5-7Mbps downlink and 1.5Mbps uplink. That's more than snappy enough to use my HTC Titan on Solavei. As an added bonus, Solavei doesn't have the Internet Sharing disabled on my device, so it works as a wireless hotspot everywhere I go.

The long and the short of this post is that if you or someone you know is sick of paying too much for their smartphone, check out Solavei. It won't be for everyone, but for those that get it, it's an amazing opportunity. Not only do you get cheaper service, but you can actually get paid by your service provider for referring people to Solavei. Check it out today and start putting some extra cash in your pockets.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Stripped: The Death Of A Hero

Today was a hard day to make it through, not because of a physical problem, or even a mental hurdle, but because today, the United States lost a hero. This hero defeated cancer and completed the toughest cycling event in the world over and over again. He won it 7 times starting in 1999 and finishing his domination of the sport in 2005. I wasn't in to cycling when he won, but Lance Armstrong was a name that everyone knew and was proud to say was an American.

Mr. Armstrong had all but accomplished everything a human being could do. He was a world renowned champion of the hardest race on the planet. He had beaten cancer. He founded one of the top fitness and cancer survivorship programs. He was an inspiration to millions of young cyclists and most of all, until now, he was an honorable man that the system was trying to destroy with horrible doping and performance enhancing drug rumors.

I guess I look at this and think, "I don't care..." I don't care if he transfused his blood or took some super-human growth hormones. The facts are, at least according to those that accused him, was everyone was doing it, so nobody had an advantage. I don't think it's fair in a world where Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds were proven 'druggies' by almost everyone on the planet, but can get off because of a screwy court system, that someone as decent as Lance Armstrong goes down in flames.

Tell you what cycling world... Take his titles, take his money, take his sponsorships... You can't take the greatness that he accomplished, enhanced or not.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Love Free Dinners!

Amazon's local Snohomish deal is one of those great ones that everyone loves. It was a buy one Whopper get one Free at Burger King! What an awesome deal, I mean a half price dinner is perfect for any time of year, and even better when schedules get hectic.

If burgers aren't your cup of tea, they also offered a smoothie or Original Chicken Sandwich option also. Hurry and grab these at your local Amazon site which can be found at

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Friday, October 19, 2012

What To Do When Photos Stop Syncing

It is a problem that will drive most users insane. When you connect your phone to your PC and the Zune software opens... then the 24 items failed to sync notice comes up. You delete some images, videos and pray, but still nothing. As scary as it is, you don't need to hard reset your device or even delete any content, you just need to check two things to make sure you are ready to resume that syncing relationship.

First, if you are in an area with multiple WiFi signals, double check to make sure the computer and phone are on the same one. It won't happen every time, but sometimes the competing security measures will keep you from obtaining the proper security keys to send data between the device and the computer, even over that USB connection.

Second, the issue is usually caused by the .jpg or .jpeg file format being assigned to a different default program setting. This is quickly fixed by hitting the start button and typing, without the quotes, "regedit". A quick click of the Yes button to allow the computer to open the editor will reveal some interesting menus for many, but only the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder is of interest to you. Click on the folder and scroll down until you see .jpg in the list. Single click it and you will see a file called Default in the pane to the right. Double click "Default" and it will open a window with one editable line that is filled with a program name. Erase the program from the box and click OK. Repeat this for the .jpeg entry as well.

Close out of the editor by clicking the x in the upper right corner and try syncing again. As soon as your Windows Phone is reconnected to the computer, syncing should resume and all the errors should clear immediately. Happy syncing!

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Walking With Evie

Today was looking like it was going to be a straight through marathon week once again, but at the last possible moment, a u-turn led us back to Monroe for a bit of rest this afternoon. Instead of heading to the farm in the late afternoon and trying to piece together another part of the chicken coop, we came home to take care of some household chores like laundry, cleaning out the truck and even getting Evie a good nap to help avoid the crankies.

The nicest part was getting some walking in with Evie. We made the loop around the apartment, then drifted over to the trees on the opposite side of the complex. We found rocks, leaves and flowers. We swung and played, ran and walked. We raced and strolled, held hands and talked... It was exactly the kind of afternoon I needed.

Tomorrow is going to start another insanely busy week at work and a bit of a day off with the kiddo is exactly what was needed to get in the right frame of mind for it. Of course, it will be hard to make up the lost time from today, but we will figure that out later.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

It's October... It might still be 70 degrees out, but it is fall. We are having a gorgeous bout of weather in the Seattle area this year. There hasn't been any measurable rain in over 2 months and the temperatures rarely fail to reach 65 or better. Today, we decided to welcome fall anyways with a trip to our favorite pumpkin patch in Arlington. The Plant Farm at Smokey Point always has a great little setup for grabbing our fall decor.

We started out with a quick visit to Evie's favorite, the bouncy house. Then it was a short trek through the pumpkin field, which was full of perfect pumpkins since we were so early this year. While I made my way back around with the wheel barrow, Evie and Ara hit the petting zoo - though I think only the sheep were out as more animals were still coming in as we left.

From there, the girls hit the train ride, then I joined them on the hay ride. We took a different route than normal this year as we went south from the farm instead of north. It was the same short ride, but a different direction. Still fun though! From there we hopped back into the bouncy house for a few minutes and headed out with our bevy of squash-type decorations. There wasn't any carving quite this early, but I'm sure when there is, we will have plenty of photos to share!

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