Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Went to a Concert...

Ok, no images, no videos, so its not really a life from my Evo post, but it is being posted from my phone so it still counts.

Now, on to the post. We got invited by a friend to see a wonderful.concert at a local church tonight. Unfortunately, once the music began, I realized something, I really miss playing. Not just a bit, but I really miss it.

The feeling of controlling the tempo, the crafting of the sounds, the artistry of creating something new, I miss it all. There is something about music that I never appreciated as a younger kid, but about 10 years ago, my brother asked me to play and play I did.

For almost 3 years, we struggled along with a fledgling Christian rock band with a revolving door of singers. It was a shame that it never worked out, because I heard the worship band begin, I realized how good our (well mostly my brother's) music really was.

Since we disbanded, Jenn has become a married mother, Daniel is playing in a great classic rock band, Charles is an amazing dad and is still writing some material, and I feel proud to have had a chance to know them all. This doesn't even begin to cover everyone that help out creating the music: Aaron, David, Chris and Doug are just a few others that jump into my head right away.

So, I guess I may have my day to play again. If not, I hope I can always look back at the amazing thing we created together with the fondness that I have right now.
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