Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fun At The Bouncy House

Monroe has it all. I think we've covered that plenty lately, but tonight was another open play session at the Jump, Rattle & Roll bouncy house here in town. It is probably one of Evie's 3 most favorite places to go.

The place is stacked with slides, bouncers and even some old video games for the kids to enjoy. It's had to describe how fun it is on a normal day, but tonight for some reason, the parents of the children of Monroe thought it might be a good idea to let their kids run wild and troops over the smaller ones tonight.

We protected Evie pretty well, but I felt sorry for the smaller kids that had parents that weren't as active in protection mode. It made me realize what a great job Ara does with Evie and how lucky I am to have her raising our daughter. It makes me feel better to know that we have a kind and loving and patient kid that respects others.

Now, for rest of your hoodlums, get it together and learn to be nice, and not rush quite so much...

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