Sunday, April 1, 2012

Another Message On Giving?

Wow... Churches seem to amaze me every Sunday. One church in particular though, really baffles me. How can a church, week in and week out beg for so much money? How do they spend so much? Where does it all go? I just don't get it...

I understand how a church body needs to tithe. I also understand the generous Christian nature that God demands. I also know that salvation is not tied to giving, but it is always better to live in the example of Christ and give all that we can of ourselves.

But when is enough, enough? I am tired of going to a church that preaches nothing but self help messages and giving. I don't want to hear about how I'm broke, but if I give to the church my life will get better. I don't want to hear about how little I have because I don't give enough. I honestly just want to hear about how I can bring more people to find Christ and salvation by sharing the Gospel.

Now, if that sounds crazy, I'm sorry. Souls saving us what this "game" is about and having a luncheon with the best givers or having to give the staff constant pats on the back publicly is not what serving and giving is about. Giving is a private thing, not to be shared with the public. Serving is something you do freely, not wanting the "good job" for doing it.

I guess I am just so bummed that such a wonderful place can be brought down by such simple ideas. How about a new plan... Give what you can when you can and we'll try and stretch of as far as we can to reach the most people. Maybe even drop a few of the excess pastors and staff that we don't absolutely need and replace them with a few volunteers if we have to.

That's just my two cents... Hope it isn't too upsetting. 

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