Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Return To The Stage

As much as I wish I could say this headline was about me, I can't. It isn't about me, it's about Charles, my brother. He's one of the most amazing musicians that I have ever met. He writes tracks, improvises solos and just makes music come alive.

The last 9 years has been rough to watch as his music all but died. Whether it was work, family or just lack of interest, it was almost painful to see the music die. But, then, out of nowhere, a show was announced. Chuck had joined a local band called Rev3 and their first show together was last night.

Not that I was counting, but I think it is almost 10 years since I saw him play live. Yeah, there was that Vision 2003 fiasco, but seriously, it has been a long time.

Chuck played the Rev3 tracks like he was meant to play them all along, but Beyond The Scars sure had a familiar sound to it. Overall, the show was pretty good, although the vocal mix sure made me appreciate the way we used to go direct alot more than I remembered.

Maybe someday it will be my turn to get back up there, but for now I'm going to enjoy his new music, and patiently wait for a few MP3's to add to my workout playlist.

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