Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Passion And Finding It Again

I don't really have a photo for this today. It was much more of an internal day for me. It started off just like any other Wednesday for me, but something bit me mid-morning: I wanted to shoot weddings again. Not just a little bit, but get our little fledgling business back up and running.

Sure, the excess money is great, but recapturing the feeling of creation, of making someone's memories live forever on a digital canvas... That's what I was missing. The feeling of a gorgeous setting, happy people and wonderful occasions. That's what life is. Being in a position to help those that can't afford to do it makes it even more special.

Over the years, I have seen way too many photographers go up in price and become those "money grubbing" photographers that they swore they never would become. I don't want to do that, and with my thoughts on a new pricing structure, expense control and more rigid focus, I think KrazyBird shall breathe again with a new life and new direction.

I want to get back to shooting the highest quality images at the lowest possible prices. I do need to make sure to build in equipment upgrades, repairs and a few other pieces that we have learned from experiences, but I think it is possible to do it all.

So, keep your eyes on our website ( and Facebook page as we start the relaunch soon. Value priced photography services have never looked so good - or been so affordable.

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