Monday, April 23, 2012

The Most Important Thing

"I gotta figure out how to get this done. I have no idea how, but it really needs to come together." These are the words that are stuck on repeat in my head. I need to figure out how to get a financial backer to purchase our new home.

I know we won't qualify for traditional lenders yet, and there isn't much out there that we would qualify for otherwise, but somewhere, there has to be a way to make our dream come true.

Of course, that's if I think about a dream, not how good our reality is right now. Yes, we do live in a small apartment, with clomping neighbors upstairs, but it isn't as bad as where we were. Yes the fridge is acting up, but we are 5 minutes from the YMCA. Yes, the walls creak and the summer bugs are starting to turn up early, but we can afford things like zoo passes to escape... It is almost perfect isn't it?

I'm trying to weigh out in my head the battle to stress out, earn more money and buy a house against sanity and doing things right. Sure, if we can arrange private financing and make the payments affordable, our little green rambler would be amazing. If we can't, our options to purchase ride entirely on our chances of coming up with about $10,000. It isn't impossible, especially with the summer season coming on board, but it would be tough to book out every weekend to get there.

Oh well, I can't focus too much on this right now as it's about time to head to work and start the day. Maybe tonight is a good time to sit down and run some numbers. If I can make them look good enough, perhaps we should send them to the investment company and see if they will make an offer for us?

If not, I will remember what's really important, my family and making sure I never put them at risk again. Not financially, or physically or even mentally. My family is amazing and they are the reason I am up and ready to go to work. They are the most important thing.

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