Monday, April 30, 2012

You Do Know I Sell Cell phones, Right?

There are a lot of people that ask me for advice on phones and service. Many want to save cash on their bills, others just need a phone because one got lost or broken. Any way you slice it, I probably can get you a better price than your local store, and better than the direct pricing from the carrier's website. 

Still, people continue to ask for advice, only to turn around and buy the device online from someone else or even better, they let the local store order it for them. Why, oh why, does this seem ok? It's like looking at houses with a realtor only to buy it from the listing agent at a higher price than listed.

Lets completely forget for a minute about the biased advice that Verizon will give you, or the speed and price advantage that T-Mobile will give you... What service works where you are? What carriers have the phone that you want? Who is going to fix the issues for you?

Service isn't just a before you buy thing... It is so much more than that. It's about trusting the person you are dealing with and using their knowledge to get the most out of your plan, money and phone.

Just my 20 second spout off... Now get over to and at least order a new case for that phone you just paid too much for.

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