Sunday, April 22, 2012

Love Relaxing Saturdays...

Every once in a while, life comes completely into perspective. We spent the morning driving around and checking into a few perspective properties that we might want to call home. Most of the houses we checked out were total duds, or a flipper's dream. But one, one green little rambler would fit our family very well. Now we just have to see if we can find an investor that will take a chance on us for it. May not happen, but we're sure hoping we can find one soon.

The afternoon was a pleasant trip down to Georgetown for a photo shoot. The shoot went fantastic with about 15 great poses in a fast 45 minute shoot. Plus spending time with Sandra and Dawn is always fun.

We wrapped up the evening with a trip to the jam-packed Mukilteo Beach Park. We used to frequent there quite often when we lived in Everett, but not so much anymore. The parks in Monroe are so nice we usually don't bother leaving town for our beach picnics anymore.

Overall, the day was great. I just hope that there is some way of pulling off the deal for this house. It is the first one that we can see our family in for a long time. Not settling, not too expensive, not over the top... It's just about right.

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