Monday, April 9, 2012

What's The Most Important Thing?

Having thought quite a bit about churches, money, community and life lately, I have started to wonder what are the most important things that we do? What is it that keeps us going everyday? How do we justify ourselves on a daily basis? And probably the most important thing, where does God factor in to all of it?

I have been really struggling with our church situation. Finding great people that are being led down a slippery slope is never good, but when those people are so inbred with the koolaid drinkers, how can they be reached? A church that is over extended, over taxed and over spent cannot continue down the road it is traveling. A church that cannot support itself, cannot support those who need it.

A family that cannot support itself, cannot support those that need it either. That is why over the last few years we have cut just about ever expense we have to barebones. Every dollar us counted, every penny gets pinched. It isn't that we need more than we have, but at some point, it becomes time to start planning for a future. Maybe a little savings, or a retirement account? Maybe it is that college fund for Evie that just never gets going. All in all, money just sucks and I'd be much happier without the worry.

It's that point that brings me back to churches and one in particular. I have attended quite a few churches in my days as a follower of Christ. Lutheran, Foursquare, Community, Baptist... None of them ever tried to squeeze blood from a stone as much as the last one we sat in. It scares me that these leaders are instilling such a false sense of hope for a better life for people, while raiding their piggybanks and telling them the grass is always greener on lake front property.

What they are missing is that life isn't always great. They think the worship team needs to be louder so God can hear them clearer. They think by eliminating the "rough" parts of the scripture, that they just won't happen. This is simply not true and not preparing one for those times will create a mistrust in God and cause serious resentment.

The roll of the church and its Pastors should be to grow individuals spiritually as well as personally. When we make each other accountable, it is easier to let God hold us accountable. When we don't allow ourselves to be convicted by our peers, we find it easy to let the Holy Spirit just fade away.

It's time that someone says something to the leadership of the Church. It is time for them to start seeing the vacant seats of those driven away by poor teaching and pleas for more money. It is time for someone to hold their church accountable for their deeds and their issues. Hopefully someone will soon, before those souls are lost.

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