Sunday, April 8, 2012

For The Last Time... Goodbye...

It's Easter Sunday. I came into today with an amazing hope that "our" church would do something special today. I hoped that they would share the message of one that was broken, mangled, humiliated and destroyed. I hoped that they would share the truth of the Gospel. I hoped that they would tell us who Jesus was. Instead, it was one last message of give and God will give back.

This type of thinking just isn't good. In fact, I personally think that this line of thinking does more harm than good. Once you are "blessed" and things bounce your way for a while, when a setback hits, a church that only preaches "rewards" doesn't prepare you for the tragic. The fact is God promises us tribulation and trouble. His own followers were beaten, thrown on jail and killed for simply preaching the Gospel. How can we expect nothing but the best?

It is with some heavy thought over the last few weeks, and many empty sermons that followed, that we are officially looking for our new home. I know the hardest part will be finding something in our community that will be the right fit, but we can't continue to hear fluff sermons that offer is no opportunity to grow spiritually.

So, as we start to grow, please pray that we can find a local church that will offer us some Godly leadership. Pray that we can find one that challenges us to become better followers and disciples of the Word. Pray that we find that mix of community and learning.

I know it won't be simple, and we will miss many of the wonderful people at The Rock Church, but it is time for us to find a better place to grow... Not one that just keeps asking for money to spend on a better worship show and larger pastoral staffs.

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