Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Mind Of The Father Of A Two Year Old

Potty training, not eating this or that, and of course the daily, is that cough going away? Are all issues that I am dealing with right now. It's funny for me to look at the small things and not stress much about them because I know Ara is doing such an amazing job with Evie. Sometimes I wish she knew what I know, but hopefully that will come.

Evie has had her problems this week with having a bad cold, peeing her panties and just not eating her usual foods. As her Daddy, it makes me nervous when she drifts from her normals. As a kid I have to remember we all did this, over and over again. It won't stop when she turns 5, as a matter of fact this headstrong little kid is probably going to be the worst combination of her Mama and Dada.

I hope we can just relax and settle in to having a preschooler soon and realize how amazing our little trip through the terrible two's has been. For now, we will just have to relax and remember that she might have a bad day, or even a bad week, but we are so blessed to have a happy, healthy little girl and God has blessed me with an amazing wife to raise her.

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