Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tough Decisions...

Today we began a process that will ensure that Ara can stay hone with Evie as long as she wants, no questions asked. It wasn't the road I ever dreamed about going down again, but when the chips are stacked against you, sometimes a compromise has to be reached.

Financial security is such a funny term now, but living entirely on a paycheck to paycheck basis just isn't going to work forever. Its never easy weighing the future against the present, but when you see a little face staring back at you, pride becomes much easier to swallow and you force yourself to do something you normally wouldn't.

So for Evie, Ara and myself, I am making a choice. Hopefully it is the right thing for us and it will lead us down a path that is better than what we are on now. And if not, at least I can hope the ride is a bit more comfortable.

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