Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Great Date Night

Sometimes, we are blessed to have great people living around us. Tonight was one of those times that we really appreciated our neighbor, and we left Evie home for a nice night on the town.

We originally headed out to a concert, but quickly changed plans to head to the Snoqualmie Casino. I won a bit, Ara lost a bit, but overall we came out within a few bucks of even. It was a fun night. After our high roller escapades at the casino, we drifted in to Bellevue for some sushi at Sushi Maru. It was our first time there and well worth the trip.

We made a quick stop on the way home to grab Evie a bit of medicine to head off her cold early, and hopefully save her a week or two of not feeling well again. We will see on that one.

For now, it is the end to a great night, so good night all!

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