Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Love Monroe Sunsets

Even though this isn't the best sunset that I've seen in Monroe, it is the first one in quite some time that has painted the sky. We were lucky enough to be out tonight when the sun went down to see the beautiful oranges and whites blend together to make an amazing painting.

I took this using the standard panoramic camera on my new phone. It really is simple to take decent photos with the Radar. HTC did a fantastic job with the camera and settings on it. While it isn't a 12MP D-SLR, it is more than adequate for quick snapshots and saving a glimpse of time.

I can't wait until this fall when we venture to Disneyland for Evie's first trip. I'm sure the Radar's camera sensor will get a serious workout by the time we are done with that trip. Now, just how well do you think the battery will do?

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