Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Beautiful Day... Sort of?

I love days where it seems like a "great day" right off the bat with a plan to head to the farm, get some work done early, then sneak off for a bit of fun. Unfortunately, today didn't cooperate with my master plan at all.

The morning started off with Ara feeling extremely sick. Evie was boogery, Ara was pukey, and I just had too much going on. I guess the good part is that Evie was doing much better when we hit the farm. She hung out with Nana and played with the puppies. I headed down to the barn to get stalling.

The two stalls that were left to finish were the worst of the bunch. Big holes, mounds, and overall a ton of work. Luckily, Alan decided to fill the major holes with gravel. This made the whole process go much smoother.

We were just getting wrapped up when the call came that Mom was at the hospital with a nose bleed that was out of control. As the evening went on, they had it stopped, under control and were just observing her. Thank goodness!

The evening also got much better as Ara started feeling better as well. Her bout with the flu really took a toll on her, a toll of about 10 lbs in one day actually. It was a bit scary as she described her day, but also just a touch funny too since I knew she was getting better.

I never worry too much on days like this. Sure, Ara being sick killed a gorgeous day for her, but there will be more of them soon. It does however make it easier to know that on a rough day, God paints me a beautiful backdrop to take my worries away.

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