Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wow Means Windows Phone

I have to admit that I thought I'd "like" Windows Phone out of the box. What I didn't know was just how much I would enjoy it. The simplistic look and easy functionality makes WP7 amazing.
The hardware I selected for my first device was the HTC Radar 4G. I went that direction because of the overall build quality of the device. Glass screen, aluminum body and WP7.5 loaded out of the box. The fact that the device was also unlocked was also a major bonus.

So, after my first day of Windows Phone living, the best far out ways the bad, but let's look at the minimal issues that an Android user faces coming to Windows Phone.

1) The lack of navigation options is a killer. Going from a gorgeous 4.3" HTC Evo 4G with Google Navigation to the horrible options that Windows Phone presents makes one cringe. Basically for the average WP user, there are 2 good options that cost $30 to $50 each. Not a great deal...

2) Quality of free Apps. Amazon really ruined Android Apps for most of us, and WP really just does ok in my book. All the standards are there, but honestly, I have 350 Apps that I acquired from Amazon in the last year plus. Now, if WinPhone might start offering a free App of the Week like the iTunes store, we might start talking differently.

3) Toggles and widgets. I know that Live Tiles are AWESOME to say the least, but the lack of clocks, weather and even just a bit of customization, leaves the OS a touch flat.

4) Not being able to customize sections of the device. Here's what I mean... I love the white start screen, but a black music player would be nice... Unfortunately, I have yet to find a way to do that... Maybe tomorrow?

Ok, so there's my minor gripe session and I'll start on some real blogging again soon.

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