Friday, March 9, 2012

The iPhone...

So we're in the middle of this monster switch from Sprint to a prepaid cellular carrier and I was lucky enough to finally get to have an iPhone for an extended amount of time. I've been wanting to play with one for a while now, but just never had the chance. Fortunately, a friend knew of one for sale and we jumped on it.

I have to admit, I just don't get what the hype is about. As one that roots, tweaks, plays and likes to know what makes the world tick, the iPhone is the opposite side of the universe from me. I tried to like it, and can definitely see the benefits of using it, but it's just so clumsy. 4 steps to change this, 2 to change that, it's just wrong.

I thought I'd be an Android users for some time after iOS failed me so badly, but honestly, I set my Exhibit II up in Windows Phone mode using Launcher7 and a few other tweaks and I loved it. I loved it to the point of grabbing a used Radar 4G off Amazon and am making the move back to Microsoft!

So, I'll keep bogging from here until my new Windows Phone device arrives and then it will be life in my Radar? Or something like that...

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