Friday, March 23, 2012

Daddy Date Night

I love my daddy date nights. I shot this as Ara was ready to leave us for the evening. Tonight was a bit of dinosaurs, ball tossing and a Cat In The Hat marathon over the neighbor's new surround sound unit. It drives me nuts to have another surround sound next door. I'm sitting here right now able to hear it better than our own TV. Evie is kicking back like she doesn't even know that it's there, but it's crazy loud none the less.

Anyway, back to the fun... Mama escaped to the Breathe night deal at The Rock tonight. I'm really happy she got out and is spending some time with the women at the church. It should be fun, and I just hope she has a good time.

Tomorrow is a day of horse stalls. We have two to get through before the last new border arrives at Kaelie's Farm. Its great to see the stalls full again. Of course, we did save the two worst stalls for last, so we will see how that goes. I'm pretty sure there might be a water heater to install and maybe a bit of general cleaning as well.

Oh well, time to get monkey ready for bed.

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