Saturday, May 5, 2012

Words We Won't Soon Forget...

Ara and I have been discussing this one for some time now, but we are starting to miss some of the amazing words that Evie once created in her little vocabulary.  Words like poffee (coffee) and flop-pops (flip flops) made us smile every time they left her mouth.

The trips to walk around the "island" or the little man made lake next to our apartment are going to make way for walks around the lake soon. Her hallahoop (hula hoop) is one of her favorite toys. Of course, that's nothing compared to wacker belly (velociraptor valley) from her favorite show, Dinosaur Train.

Pampers has made way to Grampers... Grammers is now clearer than ever before. GiGi, Nana and BaaBaa are also sounding like their real words. It's funny, I know that there are a billion more of these that I can't come up with at the moment, but this is a great reminder to start marking them down before we forget them all.

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