Wednesday, May 9, 2012

So Much Personal, So Little Tech

I've been writing quite a bit lately about family and thoughts, but not so much about the tech side of things regarding the Samsung Focus S. The Focus S isn't the most powerful device I've used, nor is it the best camera. It is, however, the best functioning device that I have had the pleasure of using.

Part of the greatness of the S is the operating system. Another part is the hardware. The last is the intangibles, the just how it feels when used. The Focus S is largely overlooked in the Windows Phone group because it was one of those "pre Lumia" devices. It's really sad too, because it is an amazing phone.

Tonight I want to look at the music functions of the Focus and more so, Windows Phone, since it has been great on both devices I've used.

The Zune player is quick to start. With three basic control buttons, the volume rocker and an impressive sounding earphone port, the Focus S brings your music alive. With the Zune player in the background, you can control your audio from anywhere by pressing the volume rocker. If the device is locked, a simple touch of the unlock key brings up quick access to skip and pause for the player as well.

Interfacing with the PC was simple and much easier to navigate through than iTunes, and a bit less restrictive. It plays just about every format I've tossed at it and does it well. Now if only it could Download higher bit rate samples of all the 128kbps tracks I have I would be in heaven.

Overall, even without the Zune Pass, the Zune music player is a phenomenal audio software and should be enjoyed by all.

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