Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Perfect Weekend

So this weekend was a pretty great one. Thursday we decided to head over to the Peninsula for a trip to the Olympic Game Farm and hopefully see a friend. On the way through the south end, we stopped off and saw the parental for their 25th Anniversary. They have settled in quite nicely to their new place and seem much happier there.

Our trip from there was pretty quick and easy. We drove up 5 to 16, across the bridge, through Port Orchard and Bremerton before hitting 104/101 for the rest of the drive up.

The drive was gorgeous as the weather cooperated perfectly on Saturday. Sunny and 70 the entire trip. We found our hotel right off the main drag heading into Sequim. Our usual Red Lion rooms weren't available due to a few events going on, so we had to try somewhere new.

We ventured into Sequim and didn't see much at all. The little town was really depressed. Fortunately, Ara was able to get ahold of her friend and we set up plans for the evening. Once we knew some times, we set out to find the Dungeness Spit. We popped the location into our GPS and headed out.

We followed the GPS to the end of the route, but didn't end up at Dungeness, but at a place called Curtis Point, or something like that. It turned out from the sounds of things, it was lucky it took us to the wrong spot. A couple had come over from Dungeness and told us what a zoo it was over there, so we were happy to have our little beach with a few puppies, clam diggers and paddle boarders.

After a great walk and a little picnic, we packed up and headed back to the hotel to check in. After that uneventful trip, we got settled in to a decent room, though the pool not being open was a huge disappointment, and set a time to do dinner. When the time came, we headed on to Port Angeles and met a friend at a great Thai place in town.

When dinner wrapped up, we headed to our favorite little beach next to the Red Lion before snagging some ice cream and heading home. The trip back to the hotel was pretty boring until one of Washington's finest told us that I was exceeding the speed limit. Then it was back to the hotel, which we were only a half mile from, and a relaxed evening of Storage Wars on TV while Evie watched Dinosaur Train on her iPod.

Day 2 was even better. The Juan De Fuca Festival was happening in Port Angeles so we decided to meet Rob and Donielle there for lunch. So, about 9:00 we headed to the Olympic Game Farm to feed the bears and see the bison.

The game farm is always awesome. It was even better than normal this time, since Evie was old enough to feed the deer and even try for some of the bears. The bears were a bit sad this time since some of our favorites were gone, but the new cub gave us hope for the future.

The best part of the trip through was definitely Evie feeding the deer from her hand. It was awesome, especially when last time she was so small she didn't understand the process at all. When the tour was done, and after shaking my new baby bison friend, we headed to the gift shop to continue Evie's tradition of getting a baby stuffed animal from there.

When we finished up at the gift shop, we headed back to Port Angeles for the Juan de Fuca Fest, where once again, I forgot to get an elephant ear. Grrrrr! Oh well, the steak sandwich and fries were good enough and the drum circle was even cooler. The teachers they had were suite good.

With the festival checked out, we made a quick potty stop at the Goodwill store and headed home. The drive home was beautiful again. It was a great way to end a great weekend. The best part though, was because we headed home Sunday night, we didn't have to deal with the hours of backups and traffic jams on Monday. Great deal if you ask me.

So, that was our impromptu weekend, and hopefully you spent yours doing something nice as well.

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