Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Getting The Crud Out

Today I was dealt a setback. It wasn't an unwelcome one, but a bummer deal none the less. It did make me realize that it is time to start getting priorities in line again and focusing on some long term goals instead of immediate options.

You see, sometimes it is easy to run away with an idea that we are further along than we think we are. The passing time makes us forget where we came from just a few months ago. It almost deletes our mistakes. But then something brings us back to a reality that we are more familiar with.

It isn't always a bad reality though. Sure, there are piss poor times, but as long as the great times out pace the horrid ones, life is pretty good. As long as we remember why we sacrifice, cleaning out the gunk isn't so bad.

Recently, I've been hoping that we could find a way to purchase a home through investors or a private party loan.  For better or worse, it looks like those options are drying up. And for some strange reason, I think I'm ok with it.

Now comes the hard part. Accepting the choices we made in the past and finding out how to make the best of it until we are ready for the next step. But for right now, I think my bike needs a good washing...

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