Sunday, September 16, 2012

Just A Roof And A Door

We are so close to finishing the chicken coop and I'm still not even sure I'm spelling it right. Is it supposed to be coop or coup? Seriously, I don't care, but I do dislike misspellings something fierce. But, back to the more important things...

A week ago, we were wrapping up our Disneyland trip and getting ready to come home. Since then, life has been all about settling back in. The weather has been wonderful and I actually made it to the gym twice last week. Not great, but not as bad as some of the past 6 weeks have been.

I'm shooting for a 6 day week this week. I think I need the decompression time with the craziness of work, the thoughts of other career moves and the overall strain of life at the moment. I find myself reaching out to a few old friends in hopes that we can schedule a boys night for beers and darts or something.

Anyways, back to the coop... We finished the three sides today, both the top and bottom mesh. Now we only have to frame in the entry door and get the roof mesh in place and we will be in business. I'm not sure how quickly that will happen but I'm hoping to be done in the next two weeks, or before the weather starts getting nasty.

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