Saturday, September 8, 2012

Disneyland Trip: Day 2 - The Evening

The evening was even more magical for Evie than the daytime was. She was still recovering fro her Princess fun and her first Disney rides, and after a nice nap, she was recovered enough to head back to the park for more rides and excitement. It started off with a trip through a lit up Main Street USA. For someone that loves Christmas Lights like Evie does, it was spectacular.

After cruising through Main Street, we ventured to New Orleans Square for dinner, only to find the few restaurants that were open to be completely packed and the majority were reservations only. We finally found a dinner home at the River Belle Terrace where we had a decent dinner before catching the Fantasmic show.

Fantasmic was simply amazing. The visual effects that Disney put together for this thing was more than any one show should feature. It left Evie in a trance, and in a good way. She kept talking about how Mickey beat the dragon!

From there it was off to Adventureland and the Jungle Cruise. Evie had a blast in the jungle and can't wait to go back, but the lines were a bit long for a back to back ride on that one. We then decided to make the walk back to Fantasyland for a few more rides while the fireworks went off, hoping for shorter lines.

We got back to find almost all the rides shutdown except for the Teacups... So, Ara took Evie on the teacups over and over and over... Until we decided that it was time to call it a night and prep for California Adventure in the morning.

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