Sunday, September 30, 2012

Product Photos From My Phone?

Time limitations sometime make us try crazy things to save a few minutes. This week, my crazy thought was to take photos with my Titan and Lumia 900 for use with out next product flyer at shur-loc. I tried this first rather than set up lighting, tripods and selecting the right lenses for my DSLR.

I positioned the frame on a black table, in the sunlight, and snapped off one quick shot. The image was pretty close to what I was looking for, so a few minor tweaks to the settings and I was in business. I wasn't thrilled with the Lumia's images so I grabbed the Titan from my bag and shot a few with it.

Within 8 shots, I had both of the images I needed and popped them into Photoshop on my PC, cut the backgrounds, saved them as a higher quality TIFF image and placed them in the In-Design flyer page.

If I get a chance, I'll post the actual PDF file on here soon, but until then, there is a JPG photo of a hard copy of the flyer at the top of the page.

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