Thursday, September 6, 2012

Disneyland Trip: Day 1

Today we left Seattle for our Disneyland vacation. We were plenty early for our flight due to the amazing JetBlue staff at SeaTac. The wonderful service continued at the gate and on to the plane. After boarding, we were met with spacious seats, and amazing attendants. The first one brought Evie a pair of JetBlue wings and Animal Crackers before takeoff. What a great experience. Right now we are somewhere over the southern Portland area... More coming soon...

We have now crossed into California according to the super cool Google Maps feature on the airplane's DirecTV setup. Cruising at 550MPH and 37,500 feet has never been this much fun. Evie has been a champ thus far and is happily playing on her iPod since Sponge Bob didn't hold her interest like Dora did. I think I'll log off again until we land and get our baggage.

The day continued to get even better as our shuttle van was still waiting as we were a few minutes late getting our luggage. We were whisked away to our hotel quickly and arrived about a half hour before check-in. I read online about some people's experiences checking in early and how it wasn't allowed, but another surprise for us!

As soon as I walked in, the agent at the desk not only checked us in early, but upgraded us to an amazing fireworks view room. We ordered a bit of lunch and began to settle in for our stay before taking a quick walk over to grab a coffee and a milk for Evie.

We came back to the hotel for a quick swim, then headed to dinner at Buca di Beppo's. After dinner, and it was a bit of a late dinner, we stayed in and enjoyed a bit of snuggle time before Evie crashed out for the night.

Overall, we couldn't have asked for a better travel day and we can't wait to start out Disneyland fun tomorrow!

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