Monday, September 10, 2012

Disneyland Trip: Day 3 - The Evening

The evening of day three got a bit later start as Ara and Evie had a great nap in the afternoon. It was really a nice break though and made the decision to just order room service much easier. We ordered a pizza and an appetizer plate... Too much food! The appetizer plate alone would have been plenty.

After an almost over filling dinner, we headed back down and caught the shuttle back to, wait for it, Disneyland, instead of heading back to California Adventure. We decided that there was still so much of Disneyland that Evie hadn't seen and used more time there.

We started out in Tomorrowland with Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters. Evie had a great time and was actually becoming a pretty decent shot by thr 3rd time on it. We also hit the Finding Nemo Undersea Adventure, you know, the yellow submarine ride. That about took care of Tomorrowland for what Evie could ride there.

We headed back to Fantasyland and checked out a few favorites before calling it a night again. There was finally a short enough line to get on to the Peter Pan ride. Evie enjoyed driving the Pirate Ship quite a bit on that one. After "Pee'd Her Pants" was over (that was Evie's name for Peter Pan) we made a quick trip over to Snow White' Scary Adventure and one more trip on It's A Small World.

It was time to head back after that and we caught the shuttle back to the hotel. Evie had done a great job for the long day that she had put up with, but she had a Tinkerbell to meet in the morning.

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