Monday, September 10, 2012

Disneyland Trip: Day 4

Today we decided to commit suicide, seriously. We decided to head to the park today and NOT take our afternoon break. The morning started off with a nice stroll through the Main Street stores looking for those last day souvenirs and fun things to take home with us. We didn't find much, but we did find a few fun things for Evie. 

The day started out in Pixie Hollow and a meeting with Tinkerbell. Evie had been looking forward to this for months, so we were happy to have such an perfectly timed visit with her. She was great, but the whole thing had a bit of a commercial feel to it, unlike the Snow White experience the day before. Still Evie loved meeting Tink, but was bummed that Terrance wasn't there with her.

We took the Disneyland Railroad from New Orleans Square to Toon Town, where the crazy doorbells and shocking doors were quite entertaining. The jail cell with the rubber bars at the Dog Pound made for good times too. Evie had a great time on the Roger Rabbit ride, even though she had no idea who the characters were. She also got to meet Mickey and Minnie in Toon Town.

After wrapping up things in Toon Town, we ventured to Village Haus for a good lunch and a black forest cupcake. Then it was off to The Golden Horseshoe to catch a fun Frontierland show. The little 15 minute comedy was cute, but not nearly as much fun as the Billy Hill and the Hillbillies Show we saw a few years back.

New Orleans Square was the next stop with Evie getting to experience Pirates of the Caribbean for the first time. She definitely had fun, but not enough to do the loop and ride again. We then took a bit of time and rode the Mark Twain Riverboat.

After we finished that up, we pushed through and headed over to California Adventure again. We had dinner reservations for 6:30 at the Wine Country Trattoria and the Color of Wonder Show. Of course, we tried to catch the trolley there, but it was overfilled again, so no dice.

Instead, we walked down the main drag to the Hyperion Theater to catch the 3:20 showing of Aladdin, only to find it was cancelled. Since we were already there, we drifted over to A Bug's Life and Flick's Fliers once again. This time Evie didn't want to ride with me, so Ara was subjected to another round of the crazy ride.

From there we found the Splash Pond, and Evie's hour of running and playing. She had a fantastic time in the water. She even made a few more Disneyland friends playing in the water. We spent the next 40 minutes trying to find flip flops and something to do until dinner. It was quite fun just wandering the park without any schedule or any place we had to be.

From there, we rode Ariel's Undersea Adventure a few more times during the crazy parade because there was no line. It was starting to get close to dinner time so we headed off to the restaurant.

The dinner was fantastic, and the service was good. Fortunately, the gift card we had covered dinner completely and still left enough to take a bite out of the sweatshirt we got Evie for the chilly night at Color of Wonder. We quickly killed the 30 minutes between the end of dinner and the opening of the reserved seating for the show.

We found a great place to sit right on the stairs with a great view of the show, or so we thought. About 5 minutes before the show started they asked us all to stand to make room for the other people. Funny part was, everyone stood and nobody else came at all. I guess reserved seating isn't seating after all?

Oh well, the Color of Wonder show was amazing. It was fun, colorful and Evie had an amazing time. After all, that was what this trip was all about, and I'm pretty sure it was a smashing success. I do have the bad feeling that Ara is right and it will be impossible to top this one next year, but Daddy has a few ideas already...

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