Friday, June 29, 2012

The New Keyboard For My Tablet

I have to admit that I love blogging from my tablet. The Apps are fast and the posting is simple. Unfortnately, the keyboard options on my Toshiba Thrive are pretty limited. I finally reached my goal of finding a good keyboard option though and ordered the Toshiba Bluetooth Keyboard from my Amazon Affiliate Store ( and I am typing my first blog from it tonight. Overall the keys are pretty well spaced and it fits well in my lap. I think this will be an excellent replacement for typing from my laptop.

Being bluetooth, the keyboard will also sync to my phone as well. This will come in handy for those times that taking the entire tablet isn't a good idea, but I still want to have the note taking ability that the keyboard offers. Now that I have the introductions done, lets take a look on why I selected the Toshiba keyboard. First off, my Toshiba Tablet works well with it. The reviews on most of the bluetooth keyboards were mixed, so I went namebrand in hopes of having a better match. So far so good. The keyboard has dedicated buttons for opening the web browser, email, calendar and music programs. It also has a player controller built in with all the needed controls to enjoy media from a distance. It makes me think that getting the media dock for the bedroom is a good plan now.

The keys themselves have a great feel and are very well spaced. It doesn't feel any smaller than a standard keyboard, but the flat keys are a bit more challenging to use than the old laptop's were. The only major quirk that I don't enjoy so far is the back space key is pretty small up there in the corner. I guess they had to save space where they could, and that is a sacrifice worth making. Other than that, the standard Android controller buttons are in the lower left corner of the keyboard. Back, Home and Menu are all there for their needed times.

So, what does this mean for my blog? Probably a bit more blogging from here on my tablet and a bit less from the phone, but I will still be capturing all the images and videos that I can using the Samsung Focus S from and Red Pocket Mobile service. Which by the way, if you are looking to get a new phone, I have plenty at my Amazon store and can get you some great deals on service, so hit me up at for some help if you need it.

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