Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Today is a good morning, but a sad one at the same time. It is good because we got to spend an amazing 4th of July with a great family. It's sad because in a few hours, that great family will be hopping a plane home to London. I have to say it's really strange having a bond of sorts with people that I've met twice, but the Temple family is just good people.

Enough about them for a few minutes and back to the 4th. We ended up making it down to the Symetra Family Fourth at Bellevue Park. Parking was a breeze and we found a great spot. Ara and Evie got to wander through playland with the bouncy houses, face painters and the big slide.  After their first run through, the Temple's arrived and the party continued.

The music was going, our picnic was perfect and the chats were even better. The night seemed to pass quickly and before we knew it, it was cold and dark and ready for the fireworks. The display was nice and the symphony played beautifully. Overall, it was a great way to celebrate the end of a trip together.

I know that there is a plan for Ara's best friend to come home in the next few years. Actually, as much as I like the idea of having that happen sooner than later, the extra time for us to get our lives going forward and to have Evie get into school should be a blessing. In 2 years, Jozy will be pushing 7 and Evie will be 5. That extra time might mean a nicer place to live, some old/new hobbies and even some changes in ourselves.

We will see though, as we never know what tomorrow will bring. Maybe a couple of years longer apart is what two best friends need to appreciate what they have even more.

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