Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shaving Money From The Budget

For the longest time, I kept nice electric razors in my drawer for daily shaving. I did this because I only had to change the blades every 8-12 months. I figured it wax cheaper than buying disposables or shaving cream every month for sure. Then, I found the Shick Hydro 5 razor. 

The razor shopping began when the Braun shaver I had for the last 4+ years finally gave up its last shave. It needed to be replaced. I was shopping and looking and didn't see much in the under $100 category that would work. So, I went the route of disposable razors and cheap Barbasol shaving cream. My face paid the price for that for a few months.

I then found my shav-ior in the form of the Hyrdo 5 by Shick. I also splurged on some Nevia shave gel that just seemed a bit higher quality. Anyway, to fast forward to today, I just placed my 3rd blade in the razor and I am only on my second can of gel.

At $2.40 a blade and $4 a can for gel, I am spending about $3.25 a month on my shaving gear. This is in comparison to the $3 a month for electric blades and $5 a month for electric cleaner. That $4.75 a month adds up to almost $60 a year. It is a small amount, but every penny helps!

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