Sunday, June 24, 2012

Her First Recital

It is done. The first recital for our little ballerina. It was entertaining, scary, funny and even some pretty good moments of dancing. It was one of those 2 1/2 minute moments of life where you just didn't want to turn away. It was perfect.

Well, almost perfect. First off, lets talk weather... Nasty, horrible rain made driving to Everett a tough task. Even though getting to the Civic Center was a bit of a task, we did make it and only a few minutes late. Pretty much everyone was a few minutes late though.

Standing in line with everyone was even more fun. The doors didn't open until after 6:00 and we were all there at 5:45... Bad plan! But none the less, we all made it in, and found some decent seating to enjoy the show. That was what it was all about of course...

The show was great. Evie did her little dance pretty well, although I think we shall really spend some time practicing it next year. She spun and twirled. She jumped and sat. She was perfect. It was pretty apparent that she was the youngest, and after seeing the next class up, she's going to have to really want to move up to get me on board with that one.

Oh well, we will worry about that next year. For now, we are just enjoying the amazing evening that was her recital and how fun it was to share it with everyone that could make it. For those that could t though, I'll get the video encoded as soon as we get it and post it online.

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