Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Year Later...

Today was the start of the 2012 Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic. Part of me really wishes that I was on it right now instead of sitting on the couch watching Phineas and Ferb, but I know it wouldn't have been the best fiscal move for us. I do miss riding though. I really should take mornings like this and head out on the bike, but I just never know if it's going to be a hurry up and go day, or one like this.

I never thought of riding as a getting in shape thing, but I did have to get in shape to ride. I'm already back to the weight I was when I rode last year, so that's a bonus. I'm also a bit stronger from the gym and feel like I have more energy. About the only piece I didn't have this year was the seat time. Which is easy enough to get.

Oh well, maybe I just need to plan a bit better and make a bit more of a schedule so I can get some of the stuff I want to do worked into the day. For now I'll just go back to the cartoons and enjoy the quiet.

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