Monday, July 16, 2012

A Great Week One, Destroyed

If any of you are following this blog daily, you'll know that I am one week in to my 30 lbs in 30 days weight loss plan. I was off to a roaring start hitting 11 lbs on Friday. Then the weekend arrived and a the destruction began.

Going into the weekend I had a brilliant 11 pound loss. Saturday was going to be tough since we were headed to a party mid-afternoon. Fortunately, I did well at the party, only splurging on chips. Dinner, was were the weekend officially fell apart. We drove out to Duvall from Bellevue to meet Steve and Jeanie who were going to be dropping off some shelving. By the time that wrapped up, we were staring 8:00 in the face and "starvation" had set in. It was a fast food night. Although my Doritos Taco was awesome, I knew it was a bad idea.

Then Sunday rolled in and the day started out bad with a late start. We made it out to the farm with only a quick stop by Starbucks for a coffee and lunch. The fact that I was up too long already made me hungrier than I should have been and I ended up with 1100 calories going in for lunch. Bad start to the day there. Then even after telling myself not to be bad when we went to Denny's with Mom and Dad for dinner, I ended up ordering another horrid meal, the Lumberjack Slam. Then to make it even worse, i got stuck in the ice cream aisle at 8:00 last night. Bad place to be when the, "I already blew the weekend" feeling hits.

I have got to get this under control if I am going to be successful with this loss. I am still at a ver strong 8 lbs for week one, but i should be at 10+ easily. I'll start plugging away again this week and try to have a better weekend next time. For now, I'll be happy, just because I have to be, with my 8 pounds and move on.

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