Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wasteful Society, Wasteful Coffee Place

On an otherwise normal Sunday morning, we made our normal 10:00 stop at the Monroe Starbucks. While waiting in line at the drive though, I was checking in on my Windows Phone with 4th and Mayor. I looked up to see the image above. Garbage stacked as high as you can imagine, and all of it was milk containers.

Now, I'm sure that Starbucks is an environmentally friendly company, but this image just says it all... With nearly 20,000 locations worldwide, this mound of plastic bottles would stack up high enough to reach the moon in no time at all. Perhaps the coffee giant should rethink how they get their products delivered.

This plus a few other interesting tidbits that I have learned recently have made me decide that I am done with Starbucks and their lines of products. Hopefully they will have enough people do the same and start to change their corporate behavior.

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