Tuesday, March 26, 2013

$5 Movie Night...

It isn't often that a family can do a movie night for $40... But tonight was one of those nights. It was $5 night at the Galaxy Theaters in Monroe. In our staying in town mode for another few days due to a sick call at the garage today, we ventured out to see The Croods.

The movie itself was pretty good. The usual boy meets girl and they fall in love while daddy tries to hang on to his baby for one more day. Lets just say, I can identify with the theme.

Anyways, despite the terrible let down of the truck not being fixed today... The cop pulling me over on my bike this morning because I was suspicious... And the usual fun at work... Today ended up being pretty decent!

PS: The image of the movie was shot from the back of the theater with my Lumia in the dark... Not too bad...

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