Saturday, March 16, 2013

Can't Leave Town, Try Bing

One of the bonus points of living in Monroe is that it is a half hour drive to almost everywhere... One of the drawbacks of living in Monroe is the fact that it is a half hour drive to everywhere. When your vehicle is healthy, it is a beautiful thing. However, when your car acts up, it is far from a good thing.

This is the situation we will be in for the next 10 days. Our truck has a bad gasket between the transmission and the bell housing. It will easily hold on for that week and a half, but we are going to be dependent on staying in town and doing no excess driving. Today, we were presented with just how well Monroe caters to staying in town for needs.

We used Windows Phone to search for eye glass stores in our area and low and behold, Bing presented three options within 5 miles of home. With a quick click of a few links, we found a location with a good selection of frames and a special that offered free lenses with kid's frames.

We hurried off to the store where Evie tried on her favorites and settled on a pretty sweet pair of purple and pink frames. Some careful measurements, a quick signature and we were out the door. The only problem now is that Evie can't wait to get her glasses!

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