Friday, March 15, 2013

A Tough Year Gets Tougher

So far, 2013 has been a very challenging year. We've had some car troubles that meant big money to the repair shops. We've had our daughter diagnosed with an eye issue that will require some extent of vision therapy. But most of all, we've lost 2 mothers this year. I know the old saying that God will never give someone more than they can handle, and I firmly believe that, but I think it's about time for a break from the struggles.
Going into 2013, we were blessed with a very large raise, a decent sized tax refund and the opportunity to begin a new chapter in our lives. What happened to start the year was anything but a good start to a new chapter. We planned on taking our tax refund and moving when our lease was up in February, but when we looked at places that would be in our price range, we found our good sized check wasn't even going to cover moving expenses and deposits. With that all but off the table, we began thinking of using our raise to purchase a new vehicle. Unfortunately, our President had other plans for us as we lost $100 a month to his tax increases, $100 a month to increased costs in our health insurance (thanks Obamacare) and a $100 increase in our rent... So much for that great raise.
Of course, life changes in the blink of an eye, and 2013 has been no different so far. We lost one Mom in January after a 4 year battle with cancer that finally took its toll on her. After a month of mourning, we celebrated everything she stood for with around 200 of her closest friends at an amazing memorial. It was a special time where friends shared stories and an amazing person was remembered for all the lives she touched. Yet, only 2 weeks later, another Mom was leveled by the stomach flu. After about a week in bed, the decision was made to get her to the hospital for some proper care and tests. After about a week in the hospital, the worst was confirmed and it was determined that a lung cancer had claimed most of her body and the treatment options were non-existent due to her heart, lung and kidney condition. Just two months, 60 short days, had taken our two mothers off the planet. Leaving us struggling to find answers.
Just as we start to try to figure out what is next, after losing so much so quickly, we find that our daughter is suffering from an eye condition that will require glasses and vision therapy. Vision therapy is far from the worst news we could have gotten, but it is also another financial set back that wasn't in the budget and we're far from sure how to cover. Add this to the issues we are having with our sole vehicle and we are a financial train wreck that is somehow staying on the tracks. We'll continue to trust that it is not our plan and we will continue to be steadfast in our devotion and beliefs.
So, now that that is out, welcome to 2013. My year starts today. Me and My Life from My Phone will start a new and begin again. Let's make Easter a new start, just like it was for our Savior. Forget the evils of the world and let our trust fall in the Lord. It's not an easy thing to do, but with prayers and focus, I will make 2013 a better year. It's not about the circumstances that we suffer through, it's about learning that nothing we have that stands in front of us is greater than God. So, from My Life from My Phone to you, Happy 2013.

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