Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Love Tech Blogs, But...

This is ridiculous. The blogs are doing nothing but reporting off another story that another blog just ran. Yesterday, Precentral (great blog about the HP WebOS devices) ran a quick blurb about how TouchPad sales were soft. Today, the big three all ran the same article, but citing Precentral as the source.

This isn't journalism, it's borderline plagiarism. Sure, you tweak the article a bit, change the image, plop a new headline on it, but ultimately, it's still the same story and unofficial at that.

Get back out there and get back in the game. I'll call you out on this one now BGR, Engadget and PhoneArena. I used to love visiting, but when I read news that happened yesterday, it makes it hard to trust your sources.

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