Saturday, April 30, 2011

Today was a good day...

What a fantastic day. Today started out with a trip to the shop to help Jan and Alan load up some plywood for the sheep shelters. We bolted from the shop and did a little garage saling in Snohomish. We then jetted to La Palmera for lunch before hitting Wal-Mart.

Fortunately, Evie decided to crash out on the way home so she was good to sleep a while longer. With her out like a light, I snuck out for a 17.5 mile ride around Monroe and made my 75 mile goal for the week.

I also received an invite from the Northwest Parkinson's Foundation to ride for their fundraising team for the STP. I'm accepting donations online at

Another fun thing from this week is that we discovered Army Wives on Netflix. The show is amazing. I highly recommend it.

That's about all I have for the week. Enjoy life!

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